HIBI Cup (200ml/6.8oz)

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$24.00 per unit
sold in sets of 1
Colour: Ray

HIBI, meaning day to day in Japanese, is designed to be timeless basics for the everyday table. For your daily beverages, the 200ml (6.8oz) HIBI Cup is a practical and decorative vessel, with a capacity suitable for tea, coffee or water.

KINTO HIBI porcelain tableware features indigo lines and crisp white porcelain. Whether curving, dynamic lines or straight, minimal lines, the designs help to showcase food and bring a fresh atmosphere to the table. Thin and seemingly delicate, the pieces are durable and suitable for casual use.

⌀85 x H65 mm / 200 ml / Approx. 127 g
⌀3.4 x H2.6 in / 6.8 oz / Approx. 4.5 oz


Materials: Porcelain | Made in Japan

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