TERRA Deep Plate (⌀230mm/9in)

SKU: 25877

$67.00 per unit
sold in sets of 2
Colour: Beige

TERRA, meaning earth in Latin, has a rustic elegance, suited for special occasions and is durable enough for everyday use. For your daily meals, the ⌀230mm (9in) KINTO TERRA Deep Plate is practical and beautiful, suitable for lunch, dinner or supper.

The reddish-brown clay peeking out around the rim and the expressive glaze in serene tones characterize KINTO TERRA. Carefully handcrafted individually by artisans, each piece enhances dishes like stews and oven-cooked recipes, creating a warmly inviting winter dining scene. With a stable form and a moderate thickness that doesn't feel too heavy, the pieces can be stacked for storage.


⌀230 x H35 mm
⌀9 x H1.4 in


Materials: Handcrafted Ceramic
Maximum temperature differential: 150℃/302℉
Microwave/Oven Safe (up to 300℃/572℉)
Dishwasher Safe
BPA Free
Made in Japan

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