OVA Water Carafe (1000ml/34oz)

SKU: 22370

$35.00 per unit
sold in sets of 1
Colour: Black

The OVA Water Carafe has only two parts, the lid and the main body. With no screws or gaskets, it is easy to assemble. The shape prevents dirt from accumulating, making it easy to clean and use hygienically.

With the spout at the corner, the water flows smoothly and you can easily pour while adjusting the amount of water. The lid fits snugly into the main body and will not fall off even when tilted.

W87 x D87 x H241 mm / 1000 ml / Approx. 310 g
W3.4 x L3.4 x H9.5 in / 34 oz / Approx. 11 oz


Materials: [Body] Acrylic resin, [Lid] ABS resin | Made in China

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