Drinkware for different styles and occasions

Drinkware can add color to the table and interior. Fresh homemade drinks may liven up conversations, or help you refresh and think creatively. Choose items that feel right in your hands, and that fits well with your style or the occasion.​ ​
BOTTLIT carafe and HIBI tumbler with fresh orange juice
For the start of your day

BOTTLIT carafe with Fresh juice
(Glass: HIBI tumbler 220 ml)
BOTTLIT carafe lid
FOG plate with slice of bread and HIBI tumbler with fresh juice

To refresh and generate ideas

PLUG iced coffee jug with Cold-brew coffee
(Glass: CAST water glass)
Pouring coffee into CAST water glass cup
CAST water glass cup with coffee

CAST water jug with fresh juice
To welcome the summer season

CAST water jug 1.2L with Sangria
(Glass: CAST double wall rock glass)
CAST water jug sangria
CAST double rock glass

CAST bowl with CAST coaster
For an afternoon of pondering

OVA water carafe with Flavored water
(Glass: CAST bowl 90 mm / CAST coaster)
OCT mug and CAST bowl with CAST coaster
Pouring water into CAST bowl with CAST coaster

CAPSULE cold brew carafe and CAST iced tea glass
To enjoy conversation around a table

CAPSULE water carafe with Flavor tea
(Glass: CAST iced tea glass)
Iced tea in CAST iced tea glass
Pouring iced tea with CAPSULE water carafe